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From the initial call for a quote to trying to figure out the door handle - which ended up being a total blonde moment - to calling to let him know we finished up early, every part of dealing with Oak City Roll Offs was a breeze. I highly recommend your dumpster rental needs be completed through this fantastic, locally-owned company! 
— Kirstyn, Written Review
Very easy to arrange this service. Communication is a breeze. Chad places the bin exactly where you want it. The bins are small enough to be agile in a residential setting without being a huge eyesore to the neighborhood and they have plenty of capacity. We've used Oak City three times already and will continue to do so in the future. A great local business!
— Trevor, Facebook Review
You don't need to look any further. Chad has the best prices and the exact customer service you're looking for. Super friendly, professional and accommodating. I've been using Oak City Roll Offs for 7 months. He dumps 2-3 times a month for my business. I searched for a while and this was the first company to actually answer questions without having to fill out forms or going through a lengthy automated system. I couldn't be happier. Every single time I let him know I'm ready for a dump, he's there the next day to make it happen. He's freed up so much of my time and I wish I had started doing this years ago.
— DRMadeIt, Google Review
Chad has been one of the most responsive and courteous business owners I've had the pleasure of working with throughout my families home renovation project. I went through about 4 (maybe 5, lost track) dumpsters in the last 4 months and every single interaction has been nothing but smooth and professional. I don't have an easy driveway to pull into, 90 degree turn off a busy main road and then down a slope, but every dumpster was dropped accurately without as much as a tire mark on the grass. Couldn't recommend Oak City Roll Offs more!
— Derek Facebook Review
— Derek, Facebook Review

Best deal in town. Every call got a response and a quick dump when needed. Never had to wait for great service. Very highly recommend.
— Beth, Facebook Review

Chad is great! Quick response and delivery. Thanks again!
— Audrey Facebook Review
— Audrey, Facebook Review
Thank you Chad for bringing us a dumpster. Excellent company and quick delivery.
— David, Facebook Review
Our roofing contractor hired Oak City Roll Offs to deliver a dumpster to our home. We wanted to post a review because we have been impressed with how careful the company was with the drop off and pick up of the dumpster and the effort that was taken to make sure it was placed where we wanted it and especially not to scratch our driveway. The driver also swept under the dumpster after he removed it! Thank you for such a professional delivery and removal.
— David & Paige, Facebook Review